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Wood furniture excels in interior design Wood furniture excels in interior design
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Wood furniture excels in interior design

Located in Kiev, Ukraine, our second characteristic design project area is only 40 square meters. The designer explains the feminine qualities of the hostess by using light wood furniture, smooth edges and circles. We can see such examples on unique sofas and modern coffee tables.




Outside the living room, we saw a bed behind the glass wall. A thick gray blanket can be used to filter irregular sleeping space from the sofa's point of view. The double bed was covered by an elevated floor, creating an illusion of bed drowning.



At the top of the floor, the dressing area is on the side of the bed, in front of the large window. A row of grass grows at the feet of the window, not the real garden. Indoor plants add to the natural theme.



The design of black and wood decor is even more impressive and comfortable at night.



Next to the indoor plants, green furniture introduces furniture, evoking the feeling of the garden. There are two green chairs and a yellow chair on the table, which is a continuous part of the top of the wardrobe.



The content of the main content of the furniture The separate dining table is lit by two black chandelier. Maximize all furniture in this home is custom made in birch and oak.



The contrast of deep ebony flooring emphasizes the bright and bright nature of the bright natural forest.



The seating area is located opposite the central wall and is ideal for reading corners. Custom chairs and bookshelves bathe in natural light from another large window.



Decorated with black wood and light, continue into the bathroom.

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