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Scandinavian style interiors break the way with green Scandinavian style interiors break the way with green
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Scandinavian style interiors break the way with green

This Scandinavian style apartment is decorated not only with gorgeous green home décor elements, but also lively green plants thrive here. The apartment does not have a real garden to talk about, but it overlooks the city of St. Petersburg. Lack of outdoor space is common in the inner city, but it does not prevent homeowners from affirming the desire for all nature and life. Several indoor plants can create a powerful and intuitive development. Nikolay Limansky also brings lively walls to life. He imagines the windows of a garden. The green floor tiles mean copper. Grass at the foot and blue horizon.



Zen messages place inhaled breath art prints on the sofa in the living room. The sofa is wrapped in vibrant green shades and fitted with a geometric dispersion mattress. A bronze floor lamp, this is the Adesso lamp, which complements the green decoration in the room. The lush living wall is lit on a wooden cross-wood frame and the combination of courtyard window effects. The modern coffee table is the edge of life, adding to the feeling of the garden.



Large chairs will occupy the floor space of this apartment and block the sunlight of the sun outside the window. Instead, modern news chairs are placed at each end. Modern fixtures have a corset that matches the reading light.



Marble mats look organic on the floor.



The corner shelves are full of hanging trees and cacti.



Table lamp illuminates a lovely tray of indoor plants and candles. Internal windows allow light to flow freely from one space to another.



On the other side of the inner window, the breakfast bar is away from the glass. Four small white chandeliers hang on the wooden table with different lengths to add fun. The combination of grey dining chairs and wood is in four elegant combinations in the center of the same room, matching the rough grey concrete walls.



The formal dining center is filled with three dining underpants. A succulent tree fills the ledge, adding a row of trees to the gray city skyline.



Tree branches and a simple fruit bowl decorate the rustic breakfast bar edge of life. An L-shaped kitchen surrounds the two solid walls of the room. At one end of the unit, spices and dried foods in glass vase products are placed on a row of shelves, lit by dedicated lamps with LED lights.



A bright green kitchen backsplash cuts between white kitchen cabinets.



Natural light sprinkles on the large windows on the floor, showing a green and white delicate pattern, like a daisy on the lawn. The window frames and benches are also light blue. Scattered mats are dark blue water, and decorative wooden walls represent trees.



A simple ledge makes the room a reading corner.



On a covered balcony, a grower hangs a green tree above a modern outdoor chair, and the tentacles fall into a long white curtain. Selecting a texture grower and a tealight host makes the display very good.



The reflected closet door reflects the closet to the bedroom entrance with no door wardrobe.



The L-shaped wardrobe system divides neat clothing and accessories into iron hangers, hangers, recessed drawers and wardrobe accessories.



The walk-in wardrobe separates the wooden walls from the main sleeping area; the remaining bedroom space can be placed on a comfortable double bed. Two light pendant bronze bedroom pendants hang on the edge of a small bed.



The frescoes of a tree create an outdoor sense of space and freshness with a bedside feature. From behind a wooden bed, LED lights illuminate the trunk of the image, just as the sun falls from the horizon.



The open design of the wardrobe wall allows natural light to flow through the windows.



A long vanity makeup provides two mirror points, although one side is being used as a computer desk. Flat screen TVs occupy internal space.



We found a double working space in the children's bedroom. Two desktops occupy the table and lead directly to a shelf unit. Other bookshelves, two drawers and several cabinets complete a separate storage wall, and all settings can tame a pair of toys, books and fixtures. For more ideas, see these shared children's rooms.



Sitting on a wooden table proper furniture.



This Scandinavian style apartment not only has gorgeous green elements


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