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Interior design of a townhouse with modern white gray tone - Mr John Interior design of a townhouse with modern white gray tone - Mr John
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Interior design of a townhouse with modern white gray tone - Mr John

In interior design, each home is designed in a uniform way from style to color to create unparalleled consistency. The palette can unify the design of the house so that it can easily flow from one room to another, but that doesn't mean that each room must be properly decorated with a room.



The main open living space is the grey theme to the ultimate room.



From oversized dark grey to grey breakfast chairs and grey textured walls, this is the center of the house color story.



Colors are scattered throughout the eye painting space, but still subtle, most living in neutral homes, from green to blue-green to warm brown.



The high ceilings create a rather conservative design.



Several creative elements are highlighted, including a glass coffee table.



When gray light is used in combination with white, the space can feel more open without the white effect on a white background.



Grey furniture demonstrates a commitment to the palette, such as this separate wardrobe.



The staircase of this house is also an important design element.



The white wooden steps are suspended in the air, going to the second floor, followed by bright green walls.



But downstairs, the kitchen and breakfast bar are still grey.



Dark grey stools, light grey desks and narrow windows make this kitchen feel comfortable.



The dining area opens onto the kitchen and the chandeliers add to the fun.



The kitchen itself is not particularly spacious, but the use of natural light and the bar/island means there is room for the work needed to cook.



A small piece of grass grows along the window sill to get a different color.



Upstairs, the gray gives way to the black on the second floor railing.




Interior design Vincen - making life better

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