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Scandinavian style interior design - Vinhomes Golden River 1 bedroom

By Admin | Views: 2341

The Scandinavian interior design with a lively turquoise sofa will satisfy the most demanding customers. The side-by-side interior with carousel stripes and background colors will highlight this great ...

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Great Scandinavian interior design for a small one bedroom

By Admin | Views: 3071

If we think of the elements that often constitute modern Scandinavian design, we often think of setting bright colors in clean white. Soft furniture, such as snow and bright windows, is decorated with stunning monochrome artwork. This is a perfect Scandinavian design for your ...

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High-end interior design with bright colors Lake View - Ms Thuy

By Admin | Views: 1891

The interior design of the main color is light honey color light combined with dark colors such as black and coal color to satisfy the most difficult clients. Lightweight clothing chooses sofas and ...

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Shadows and their strengths in interior design

By Admin | Views: 2161

There are very few users in the dark theme of interior design. But in this article, you will understand the complexity of design and layout in a harmonious way to take full advantage of the darkness of the family. Let's rock with ...

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High-end interior design with moss green and wonderful walnut - Mr Terry

By Admin | Views: 2781

Our walnut furniture design was used to create a green moss design for this beautiful ...

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Interior design durability with time walnut wood

By Admin | Views: 2116

  The high quality interior design using walnut wood, the main color is white, a little black, can make the object more ...

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Interior design of light brown walnut furniture

By Admin | Views: 2854

Walnut is a rich, attractive hardwood. In interior design, it is always a popular choice for wood floors and kitchen cabinets. The surface coating can be smooth, luxurious or translucent also depends on the customer's surface ...

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Interior design studio style open to strange feelings - Mr Khanh

By Admin | Views: 2097

This is a typical studio apartment with bedroom layout next to kitchen and living room to get the comfort of living here. The areas are designed in an open space style by not being separated by walls like other apartments. This design is intended to make the apartment more airy but in return, the smell of food or ...

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Interior design one bedroom Vinhomes Golden River

By Admin | Views: 2041

If we have no conditions to buy a large apartment. One bedroom apartment is sufficient for most of your needs. It can be the perfect choice for a person or a young couple. Interior designers must once again embark on a career, which is a milestone in your ...

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The combination of interior design between wood and tile for the Lexington Residence bedroom

By Admin | Views: 2409

The interior design of the bedroom will bring a sense of relaxation for all day long working stress. If the customer does not know, let us hand out to create a great perspective drawing. The apartment is located in district 2 of Ho Chi Minh City. The bedroom is designed in combination with raw materials but ...