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Interior design bedroom beautifully for La Astoria Interior design bedroom beautifully for La Astoria
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Interior design bedroom beautifully for La Astoria

Interior design is a private and intimate space that is your bedroom. Bedrooms will bring unlimited potential for decorating expressive expressions of homeowners. This room will lead you to an attractive design in the most rustic but retains the sophistication through each way of decorating objects in the house.


This monochrome room features a beautiful white panel with a beautiful portrait on the wall behind the bed. A prominent tapestry, the texture attracts the artist's eyes to maximize it as the focal point of the room. The brown chair balances the distribution of visual weight.



The Cosmos chandelier illuminates both sides of the bed and adds a particularly interesting attraction.



From this perspective you can see that the flat line lights are spherical - this is a hot trend of cooling reversal.



The ceiling is fantastic! Admirably: It is incredibly beautiful with a TV control panel and cabinets on the right side.



Neutral gray dominates the palette, but the gray gray on the far wall contains intense dark green.

A little paint and primer can bring together a variety of ornaments.


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