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Shadows and their strengths in interior design Shadows and their strengths in interior design
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Shadows and their strengths in interior design

There are very few users in the dark theme of interior design. But in this article, you will understand the complexity of design and layout in a harmonious way to take full advantage of the darkness of the family. Let's rock with Vincen!



Dark themes are ideal for creating a sophisticated look. Occasionally, smaller-sized homeowners can stay away from darker subjects for fear that their living space will be cramped, especially if there is no light. Begin. However, delicate decor can be applied to any room size, just like the rooms of these three apartments, all of which are only 50 square meters. Family travel uses dark charcoal and dark wood walls interwoven with white walls and lighter furniture to break down deep color tones and maintain a spacious landscape.



The first of our three darkly decorated apartments uses dark shades to create light and darkness in a compact open living area. Windows does not come in contact with more natural sunlight, but modern-day light-cases are also arranged around the layout.



The couples who live here have a comic artwork on the screen to illuminate the mood of the house, like this portrait, where you can see a serious theme that blows candy bubbles. su. . Flos Mod 265 long-range wall lights place the light directly on the artwork accidentally hidden behind a light gray sofa.



A decorative vase with an artificial foliage adds a fresh color. Highlights of gold bring subtle lighting to the show.



The mattress scattered on the sofa is designed in dark green or monochrome with patterns suitable for the nearby facility and can be used to reduce the visibility of the small room.



The stone walls behind the TV match the bright colors of the upholstered sofa. The stone stopped on a black shelf and leaned against a thick walnut wood wall.



The large and white chandeliers provide a bright contrast on the sturdy walls of the spacious kitchen cabinets. Modern dining chairs wrapped in dark gray fabric.



The other walls of the kitchen's pedestals and walls are smooth gray. LEDs light up on the length of the cabinet above and the rear door is cleaned by warm white light. Different colors of cabinets and lighting effects work in parallel to create more spacious effects.



At the entrance, we face a wall-effect walnut, the vertical texture helps the wall look tall, thus increasing the height of the ceiling. advertisement



On either side, the walls are black and the other side is the wall between the entrance and the living room. Partition walls are a series of open shelves that allow light lines and penetrating vision, leaving small areas unrestricted.



In the double bedroom, we found that the second wall of art was installed on the coal wall. The double bed is wrapped in a light cloth to offset the black walnut effect behind.



Curtains are here to prevent a lot of natural light, but lighting artificial lighting schemes ensure that each area is lit, like modern floor lamps cool down at the bedside.



The disc mirror is actually a unique wall hanging on the TV.



The wardrobe looks impressive, with deep shades and soft light.



White and white ceramic makeup kit in bathroom illuminated diagram.



A heavy dresser dressed lightly.

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