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Interior design one bedroom Vinhomes Golden River Interior design one bedroom Vinhomes Golden River
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Interior design one bedroom Vinhomes Golden River

If we have no conditions to buy a large apartment. One bedroom apartment is sufficient for most of your needs. It can be the perfect choice for a person or a young couple. Interior designers must once again embark on a career, which is a milestone in your life.



The first space is very rich in the furniture of the living room.



The luxurious purple sofa is the highlight of the main living space.



When using light sources in television, we must be very careful. Using bright light here will increase the picture quality of the TV or cause a lot of eye irritation.



Due to its small size, the designer combined a table next to the kitchen to save space.



The two bulbs of the 1960s style are similar to the "retro" style of the time.



Dark wood cabinets and contrasting white cabinets create a truly open feel to the kitchen.



The white bricks are luxurious and refined, in addition to creating a perfect frame for the natural light on the terrace.



The bed is very dark purple, like the color of the living room is a sofa



The light in the bedroom hangs gently in the bedroom with a romantic glow.



White and wood work well in natural light in space. With the addition of wood flooring adds warmth to the interior design or the use of light.



In the bathroom, the black and white patterns are back, but the design is smaller than the other dimensions, but the creativity is stronger.



The walls are made of bricks, with black appealing curiosity.



Here, if you change the small vase into a longer vase, the bathroom will be even better.


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