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Interior design of light brown walnut furniture Interior design of light brown walnut furniture
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Interior design of light brown walnut furniture

Walnut is a rich, attractive hardwood. In interior design, it is always a popular choice for wood floors and kitchen cabinets. The surface coating can be smooth, luxurious or translucent also depends on the customer's surface selection.



The first one is a 140m2 apartment with a wide panel to create a walnut wall. The balance of black impressions and white space in other parts of the room. Grey sofa in front of wall with yellow floor lamp. Precious metals try to add cute warmth to the environment. The highlight of the black tone complements the heavy wood tone.



The inner door of the house is a black walnut shade suitable for wall panels.



Large wall clocks increase people’s interest in the pale and long distances of the entertainment wall. This is a light gray marble, black wall-mounted controller.



Shutters and shutters are dark green bottles. These bottles are suitable for cushions on sofas and plants and flowers around outdoor performances. This natural remedy works well with walnuts.



The floor here seems to be a lighter walnut tree. Although the walls have large dark brown areas and a large walnut table, the floors keep the house spacious and airy.



There are six beige chairs and black legs around the table. In the kitchen, the flat walnut cabinets have no handles and hold a full-scope oven. Wood grain surface is very reflective.



Basic cabinets, kitchen sinks and contrast boards.



In the master suite, the modern design of the chandelier in the bedroom lights is very sharp compared to the wooden walls.



The opposite wall is light grey and relaxing.








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