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Interior design of industrial style town house - Mr Terry Interior design of industrial style town house - Mr Terry
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Interior design of industrial style town house - Mr Terry

Industrial styles in interior design are exposed through exposed brick walls, metal, unconcentrated pipes, surface mounted wiring and handy illumination design; These are all things that come to equate an industrial decoration. The cumulative result is a strong non-styled style that is often paired with a neutral furniture table, particularly shades of gray and brown.


Industrial home decoration is a cool trend but may appear a bit cold. By introducing jewel-colored tones into the scheme, like the red garnet, the room carries a new personality. A piece of uniquely colored furniture can bring warmth to the entire room. In this space, the extravagant red chair contrasted with the emerald green trees that were scattered around this place, which brought the pop pieces more.



The TV wall has a border of the book that also applies a hominess level to the handy context.



The carpet in the area beneath the sofa and red chair is the traditional design, gives the soul and a little history for modern decor.



Oddly dispersed padded prints, like the one-eyed cat glasses on a modern press chair, add an interesting touch to the living area.



The different tones of exposed brick work create interest in the rest of the open plan industry, which we can see continuing on a mezzanine.



The absolute voice hung in the towering window, soothing the hardness of the black metal frame.



Bar stools in the industrial trend, standing on heavy metal. They are combined with a sleek wooden counter on the breakfast bar in the kitchen.



The bed is decorated with layers of brown earth and a pillowcase decorated. Rotating arm wall illuminates the space on each desk by the geometric bed.



In the bathroom, large tiles consist of a wall while adjacent walls stand in rough concrete. A delicate flower dressed in a chunky wooden vanity unit.

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