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Interior design durability with time walnut wood Interior design durability with time walnut wood
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Interior design Luxury

Interior design durability with time walnut wood


The high quality interior design using walnut wood, the main color is white, a little black, can make the object more sharp.



The accent color in this home is a bold bluish-green color, seen here in the area of ​​the monochrome sofa module and the carpet area under the oversized white floor lamp.



All walks in this open plan are applied on one side of a wooden floor consisting of two separate blocks.



The left side of the roll has a fireplace and continues to surround the kitchen.



A chunky white table is located in the white dining room.



The correct piece of wood is the corridor. Integrated seating and cool lighting schemes make this space a separate space.



New colors are introduced in the game room. Three dark red bean bags are ready and waiting to be in place.



Behind it there is a set of bookcases that make the reading area stand out.



There are bookshelves and surrounding stairs in this home. Stairs with walnut heads and sides.



In the loft space there is a home office decorated in white and cyan.



The master suite features chandeliers in a light brown bedroom with woven chocolates. These are random light sources.



The bed was covered in gray coal.



In the bathroom, the soft light illuminates the surroundings.



Gently lift the edge of the textured wall.




Interior design Vincen - Make life better.

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