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Interior design bedroom for girls violet Interior design bedroom for girls violet
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Interior design bedroom for girls violet

Designing a young bedroom with purple tones for girls is a good idea but few rooms are applied. Here is a family with girls like purple and we have applied purple for the room and the interior of the room.


The next room, from the same visualizer, shows that you can go for a little pink light and still keep the space happy, but not bright, even with the child's decor. Another trick to effectively decorate pink is to combine shades, which works well.



The softer pink walls are an ideal choice while using brighter shade lighting fixtures and pillow throws.



Another calm job also uses white, a real pink table lamp pops up.



White also comes with floating cloud accessories, another soothing alternative.



Finally, a similar TV also has some shades of bubbles



Finally, a similar TV set also has some hue bubbles.



In addition to mixing different shades of pink, mixing several different patterns can bring a modern look to the pink bedroom.



A bright white chair and a white table chair show a pink table, does not mean all pink, only pink



We can see a mixed pattern of white brick walls and pink and white brick walls.



No matter what color, of course, there must be a lot of storage space in the children's room.

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