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Great Scandinavian interior design for a small one bedroom Great Scandinavian interior design for a small one bedroom
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Great Scandinavian interior design for a small one bedroom

If we think of the elements that often constitute modern Scandinavian design, we often think of setting bright colors in clean white. Soft furniture, such as snow and bright windows, is decorated with stunning monochrome artwork. This is a perfect Scandinavian design for your reference.



Green and yellow chairs and potted plant accessory suppliers and plant prints fit natural tones. Top leisure facilities, coffee tables and simple corners keep Scandinavia clear. Find more colorful decorations in the Scandinavian interior.



Geometric models include prominent monochromatic shutters.



A comfortable rug is set on light wood floors.



These two pendants combine classic and industrial style. Floor lamps create good reading effect.



The wall between the living room and the hallway is made of glass with a black frame.



Cushions and cushions are scattered across the Swiss sofa.



Each surface is colored with a small ornament to coordinate the color of the room.



Some geometric monochrome insoles are attached to the back curtain fabric. The coffee table is decorated with lots of flowers and decorated with candles.



In the corridor, the floor was covered with yellow, gray and white eyes. Suites at the lobby provide luggage storage services. The sofa keeps the shoes neat, and the drawer under the mirror holds the gloves and keys. Wall hangers keep the jacket style.



Geometric paper covers the wall directly from the floor pattern. This model is quite different from the deck, but since the two designs are similar in color, they work in a very harmonious way. The mirror reflects the scene.



Appropriate for oak furniture and yellow complement in brick. The padding of the shoe selects the gray area in the pattern.



There are three colored units in the kitchen. The basic unit is a white refrigerator with a tall cabinet and a taller cabinet with a softer yellow.



Two bright chandeliers lit up the dining area.



Wallpaper in the hallway continues in the kitchen, creating a character behind the table. The white frame is mounted on a black triangular frame that perfectly fits the corner design of the print.



Under the chassis, a set of hooks provides a place to hang a cup of tea near the table.



The back gate is also geometrically designed. Black mortar highlights the corner lines.



Black and modern design faucet.



In the bedroom, we saw a bed wrapped in a blue cloth and a sofa in the living room.



A white star and naval carpet warmed the floor next to the bed. A large bedroom chandelier like this is a feature of the room.



The walls on both sides are designed with natural wood.



The yellow of the small stars in the wallpaper is selected with a gold art print. Art-themed walls depict the internal flow of cut and feathered trees.



With a sub-panel with monochromatic geometry, the front compartment pattern is the same as that seen on the bezel frame behind the stove.



Stylish furniture is located in the working area at the far end of the room, allowing for combination of sleeping space and home office.



Place a yellow light on the screen to complete the repeat color combinations in the living room. In the bathroom we find many patterned tiles starting from the entrance to the house.



The brick wall is a simple design with contrasting parts of gray and white. Walking in the bathroom is also covered with fine bricks. Wall decorators make the room more spacious by revealing the floor space below.



Finish chrome shiny with pearly wall tiles and gray. Boxing through the toilet as a shelf.




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